Our Story

Cancun’s story begins in 1985, when Dorit and Uzi Patael decided to expand their small business, specializing in goose meat, into a national chain for supplying quality meat, fish and seafood products. The beautiful Mexico resort, where they had spent their honeymoon, provided the inspiration for the company’s name.

Today, Cancun manufactures, imports and markets superior products from 35 countries across the globe. The insistence on ultra high standards and a direct supply chain enables us to provide our customers with a vast range of top-quality products at fair prices.

Every day, for decades, we hand-pick only the freshest, juiciest, tastiest specialty products, with an expertise that stems from deep familiarity with the particular taste of the Israeli meat connoisseur. You can feel our expertise, experience and love for top-quality meat from the very first bite…